A Quick Message about COVID19

Hi there !!!

On behalf of the team here at 21 Designs I would like to send everyone a BIG apology for all the delays that some of you have been experiencing when communicating with us.
Honestly, since the middle of March it's been absolutely crazy. The volume of calls & emails for "emergency" requests such as the addition of COVID19 notices, some clients chasing new opportunities, others trying to minimise the impact has simply been unbelievable.
I've just spent 4 days straight on the phone because it starts ringing before 7am and doesn't stop until after 8pm. This means very little work is getting done.
The spike isn't the only thing. COVID19 has impacted our business as well. So almost all staff are working from home, some not at all (isolation/quarantine/caring for others) and as a result, communication internally has been dreadful.
When it comes to the crunch, we'll always pick up the phone (unless we're already on it!) and we don't ignore emails. We are however trying to exercise some discretion with each request, so instead asking everyone to simply form a queue, we're trying to gauge which requests are truly critical and which ones are (say) a little less so.
This is hard, because nobody wants to feel unimportant, but I do need to ask everyone for some patience over the coming weeks and would also ask you to very clearly identify whether or not your request is an emergency or not in the first line of your email.
What we do takes a high level of skill, experience, intelligence & commitment. My existing staff have this in spades (Shhhhh, don't tell them that) but finding new staff with these skills isn't that easy.
It goes without saying that I appreciate your patience enormously and we will hopefully be back to normal very very soon.

Friday, May 1, 2020

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